Aug. 13th, 2017

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Первый мой пост с таким названием был посвящён видео на котором российские менты грубо винтили крымскую вату, за что вата кричала им бЕндеровцы.

Но, оказывается, нет предела "совершенству". Оцените:

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Украинское землячество Эстонии приглашает вместе отметить День независимости Украины и Эстонии.

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Soon to be published by T. M. C. Asser Press and Springer:

Sergey Sayapin and Evhen Tsybulenko (eds.)

The Situation in Ukraine since 2014: jus ad bellum, jus in bello, jus post bellum

Foreword by Professor Leila Sadat
Preface by the Editors
Table of Contents

Part One: Jus Ad Bellum

1. Miras Daulenov, The Legal Nature of States’ Obligations Towards Ukraine in the Context of Jus Contra Bellum
2. Bill Bowring, Who are the “Crimean People”? Russia’s “Legal Justification” for Annexation, the Fate of the Crimean Tatars, and Pandora’s Box
3. Valentina Azarova, Delimiting Russia’s Internationally Unlawful Legal Regime in Crimea: Reflections on the Co-application of Occupation and Jus ad Bellum Law and Third Party Obligations of Abstention
4. Sabine Hassler and Noelle Quenivet, Protecting “Nationals” Abroad: Russia's Intervention in Ukraine
5. Alexander Merezhko, International Legal Aspects of Russia’s War against Ukraine in Eastern Ukraine
6. Evhen Tsybulenko and J´moul A. Francis, Separatists or Russian Troops and Local Collaborators? Russian Aggression in Ukraine: The Problem of Definitions

Part Two: Jus In Bello

7. Gergely Tóth, Legal Challenges Associated with Hybrid Warfare
8. Olga Butkevych, The Operation of Treaties and International Contracts in the Event of Armed Conflict: Problems Reopened by Russian Aggression against Ukraine
9. Ondrej Hamulak and Jozef Valuch, Cyber Attacks in the Ukrainian Conflict and the Role of International Law
10. Anastasia Frolova, Foreign Fighters in Russia’s War against Ukraine
11. Наталья Крестовская Nataliia Krestovska, Children and the Armed Conflict in Еastern Ukraine: International and National Legal Aspects
12. Evhen Tsybulenko and Bogdan Kelichavyi, The International Legal Dimensions of Russia’s Occupation of Crimea
13. Sergii Pakhomenko and Kateryna Tryma, Historical Memory as an Instrument of Information Warfare (in Terms of the Russian-Ukrainian War in Donbas)
14. Sergey Sayapin, An Alleged “Genocide of Russian-speaking Persons” in Eastern Ukraine: Some Observations on the “Hybrid” Application of International Criminal Law by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Part Three: Jus Post Bellum

15. Gerhard Kemp and Igor Lyubashenko, The Promise and Pitfalls of Regional Reconciliation: Post-conflict Modalities in Critical Comparative Perspective
16. Beatrice Onica Jarka, Triggering the ICC's Jurisdiction over Alleged Crimes Committed Across Ukraine, Including in Crimea and the Donbas
17. Rustam Atadjanov, War Crimes Committed during the Armed Conflict in Ukraine: What Should the ICC Focus On?
18. Ioannis Tzivaras, Sexual Violence in War-torn Ukraine: A Challenge for International Criminal Justice
19. Katrin Merike Nyman-Metcalf, The Post-conflict Reconstruction of Trust in the Media


More updates to follow soon


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